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organization 活动组织 Edit

Basic Agenda(feedback is welcome):

  • 2008-03-07 Friday 星期五
  • First meeting of all mentors 专家碰头会
Time: 15:00-
Place: conference room of GDLC 广东省LINUX中心 大会议室
Note: We suggest all mentors have a meeting before codefest. It's also better to have several irc meetings among mentors.
  • 2008-03-08 Saturday 星期六
  • breakfast
Time: 8:00-8:30
Place: GDLC
  • sign in 所有参加者签到
Time: 8:30-9:00
Place: training room of GDLC
  • announcement and briefing of projects 人物介绍,致词,专家给出项目课题
Time: 9:00-9:30
Place: training room of GDLC
Note: After participants introductions made by host, mentors can give a short explanation of the projects that developers would work on. 主持人会介绍参加者,专家可在此后介绍项目课题
  • team building by projects 按项目课题自由分组,建立临时团队
Time: 9:30-10:00
Place: GDLC
Note: Each team should elect a team leader
  • working time 各组编程
Time: 10:00-16:00 of next day (2008-03-09 Sunday)
Place: GDLC
Note: The main place for coding is training room. You can bring sleeping bags or blankets, and have a rest on sofas or in rest rooms. You can also go back to hotel before midnight and come back coding the next morning.
  • 2008-03-08 Sunday 星期日
  • present 各开发组汇报项目进展、成果、心得
Time: 16:00-17:00
Place: Training room of GDLC
  • close 颁发证书、派送礼品、结束、合影
Time: 17:00
Place: Training room of GDLC
note: developer certification for codefest,souvenir, photo session
  • 13th-14th March 2008
  • CodeFest achivements announced on Asia Open Source Software Conference & Showcase

projects 项目 Edit

  • Alarm Module for Heartbeat HA cluster (Heartbeat集群告警模块)
mentor: Cai Qiang
license: GPL compatible
related community: [Linux HA]
skill requirement: C

Heartbeat-1.2.5 with basic clustering capabilities, but there are many places can be improved, for example, it can add events alarm module. When the accident occurred (such as node, link failure), through constant heartbeat packages sniffing, alarm module detects changes in the state, and report to system administrator by e-mail.

heartbeat-1.2.5具有基本集群功能, 但是有很多地方可以改善, 比如可以为它添加事件告警功能. 当意外事件发生时(例如节点, 链路失效),通过持续不断的心跳包监听, 告警模块实时检测到状态变化, 并通过邮件报告系统管理员

  • Equity Multi-node Load Balance Cluster(lvs + heartbeat 对等多节点负载均衡)
mentor: Cai Qiang
license: GPL compatible
related community: [Linux HA]
skill requirement: C

Equity multi-node load balancing cluster implementation. In other words, each cluster node can be treat as distribution node, or real-server node, do not need to specify specialized distribution node, real-time distribution node dynamic designated through elections, Each node potential of the same. By adding a simple resource monitoring module and a distribution module, we can achieve these functions.

对等多节点负载均衡集群实现. 也就是说, 每个节点既可以作为分发器, 又可以作为真实服务器使用, 不需要指定专门分发器, 主备分发器的角色通过运行时动态选举获得, 每个节点潜在地位和功能相等. 通过添加一个简单的资源监视模块和一个分配模块, 我们可以实现上述功能.

mentors 专家导师 Edit

  • Cai Qiang

Hello, everyone. I am cai qiang, do cluster relative research and development work in GDLC. Although development experience is not short, but new to this activities. As begining, I would first talk about my ideas for the selected items. basically are clusters related. any opinion is welcome.

  • Coly Li

Open source Software engineer in Novell, work on ext4 and ocfs2 file system currently. Before joined Novell SuSE Labs, he worked on OpenIPMI and YaST open source projects in Novell Beijing R&D center. He graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2001, with a bachelor degree in Management Engineering. His first Linux "Hello world" was written in 1999, now he still makes a living by programming.for GNU/Linux.

developers 开发者Edit

  • 35 HK students selected from colleges in HK
  • 25 from mainland China, including students and OSS developers.

logistics 后勤支持 Edit

  • software: RHEL4.0-U4 or other Linux distros
  • hardware:
    • 60 DELL PCs (CPU 2.6GHZ/MEM 1G/HD 80G) 可提供60台DELL-PC(配置:CPU 2.6GHZ,内存 1G,硬盘80G)
  • network: 10Mbps Internet access, wireless LAN (at most 50 connections),more than 50 LAN ports 超过50个网络接口,10M光纤接入,同时提供无线局域网
  • space: One classroom in GDLC for coding(about 60 seats). Several smaller rooms for group discussion and rest.可容纳60人的培训室一间
  • other resources:9 samsung s3c2410x developing boards 可提供samsung s3c2410x(处理器ARM920T)开发板 9套
  • facilities: projecter, speaker, air-con, white boards etc. 投影,音响,空调,白板等。

Official websites:

Accommodation: We can make room reservation at Long Zhou Hotel(map) for non-local participants.

Food: 3 dinners a day and snacks/coffee/water is provided.