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What is Events Wikia?Edit

This is your wiki for arranging any meeting, meetup, or event. Feel free to make pages here to support your event. It's your home whenever you need an event wiki.

Why use Events Wikia?Edit

For a small or one-off event, who's going to maintain the wiki once it's over? Don't add to the spam on the Internet by leaving an unmaintained wiki lying around. Put your pages right here and the Events Wikia community will look after it. Don't forget that you're part of this community. We're love it if you could check recent changes while you're here and help us keep an eye out for problems.

What you do Edit

  1. Create a page for your event
  2. Add subpages if you need them. For example, have an RSVP page for attendees to sign up on.
  3. Upload images
  4. Point people you want to invite to that page, and ask them to edit it, or to make suggestions on the discussion page.

EventsWiki tavern Edit

If you wish to announce an upcoming event to a broader audience, add it to Current events. Talk about this site in the EventsWiki tavern.


  1. Subpages are created by adding a link of the form [[/Page name]] on the mother page and following it.
  2. You can introduce people to the wiki by copy and pasting our standard greeting to their user talk page.

Event Directory Edit

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