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A philosophy event or meeting may include those that are:

  1. intended for a lay or academic audience.
  2. specialised. Eg. "Continental philosophy" or "Ethics discussion".
  3. general, as in "Perth Philosophy group."
  4. not billed expressly as philosophy but is intended to rationally explore an issue. Eg "Buddhism discussion group", "Humanist Discussion group", "Water crisis debate".
  5. regularly occuring or ad hoc.
  6. public or private.
  7. charge a fee or are free.

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Heart of Philosophy and luxury travel experts Abercrombie and Kent bring you the world's only Philosophy Tours.

Join Ancient Philosophy expert, Dr Steven Curry (University of Melbourne) for this engaging and unique tour which includes daily conversations and discussions on the emergence and rise of Greek philosophy while travelling to the very locations these ideas first emerged. Discussion topics include ideas about ethics, politics, love and religion- both ancient and modern.

Tour numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure the intimacy of the experience and individual attention to your own questions and ideas throughout the journey. Full Details []

September 2007. Our journey begins in the Greek colony of Miletus (in modern Turkey), where we will discover the importance of Asia to western civilization. Through our travels, you will become immersed in the world and ideas of several important figures of early western philosophy, including Thales of Miletus, Socrates of Athens, Aristotle and Heraclitus. Throughout the journey, our small group will enjoy daily discussions about the nature of reality and the self, and stimulating conversations about how one ought to live life and why.

During our journey, we will witness a history of conflict beginning with the Persian invasions of Greece in the Fifth Century BCE. We will explore the rich fusion of ideas, from the Trojan War through the flowering of critical thought in Ionia, the Persian wars and the conquests of Alexander, to the preservation of Greek thought by Islamic scholars whose work brought philosophy back to Europe and ignited the Renaissance.

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