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Dorothy Rowe’s books, Depression: the Way Out of Your Prison (Palgrave Macmillan/Routledge) and Beyond Fear (soon to be published in its third edition by HarperCollins) have provided many thousands of Australians with an understanding of their mental distress which allows them to take charge of their life and bring their suffering to an end. However, she finds that many Australian psychiatrists are hostile to her ideas and many members of the media very unhelpful. When Dorothy’s books were first published in the UK in the 1980s her ideas were considered revolutionary but now they are mainstream, with most British psychiatrists regarding depression as something which arises out of the individual’s personal circumstances. Anti-depressant drugs are considered to be helpful in certain cases but they are not regarded as a cure. In treatment the emphasis is on the talking therapies, not on drugs. This difference in the views of British and Australian psychiatrists cannot be based on science. It is a matter of politics.